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Real-time video analytics detects potential threats as they occur, allowing for more efficient monitoring of large areas or multiple cameras simultaneously, enabling security personnel to respond promptly to potential security breaches.

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  • Connect any IP camera to the Platform
  • Extend the lifetime of your surveillance system
  • On-premise, Hybrid, Cloud & On the Camera Edge
  • ­Increase situational awareness and save cost on infrastructure
  • Built on 20 years of experience

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IRIS+ vs Camera Analytics

IRIS+ is an Open Platform for AI video analytics and therefore works with any type of camera brand and model. The benefit for customers and system integrators is being independent from any camera brand making it easier than ever to mix older cameras, new models and even different brands simultaneously.

Future proof your surveillance system

Camera-developed video analytics only works with the company own-developed hardware and the camera models must be AI-enabled compared to less expensive non-AI models. It is not possible to move and “float” the camera-based analytics between cameras.

The use cases therefore are limited and customers therefore are forced to purchase new and the latest camera models rather being able to re-use their existing surveillance infrastructure and IP-cameras.

AI Detecion Agents






Slip & Fall







Fire & Smoke

Line Crossing


Fire & Smoke


Line Crossing

AI Detecion Agents

Irisity offers a wide range of AI Detection Agents that constantly watch for activities that you define and reliably notify you in real-time allowing for a quick response.

If you are watching for something very specific to your organization, we can create personalized Agents for you.


See what matters,
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Realtime and Forensic Video Analytics

The IRIS+ video analytics watch all of your incoming video, detecting everything in your cameras’ fields of view that matches your interests and needs. Eliminating operators to watch millions of images daily while providing valuable data for forensic analysis after an incident occurs.

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Customer Stories

“I looked at the available systems. When it comes to school surveillance, this is the best and most complete solution there is.”

Peter Granfeldt

Security Coordinator, City of Gothenburg

”It feels good to strengthen security by moving from patrolling security guards to intelligent camera surveillance, while reducing operating costs by 70%.”

Jopas Wulff

Traffic Manager, Øresund Bridge Consortium

“Now, we are 100% sure that we will spot all events. With IRIS™ we will see when something bad is happening.”

Mr. Marius Penikas

Security Solutions Department Director, G4S Lithuania

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