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Irisity acquires AgentVi, leader in
AI-powered video analytics















Enhance surveillance efficiency while safeguarding personal integrity

Irisity’s solutions are built on Artificial Intelligence coupled with safe anonymization techniques and vigilant human input, available through Irisity’s cloud-based platform. Meet IRIS™ – the smartest and most accurate activity spotter in the surveillance business.

What do we do?

Video analytics – AI Alarm Filtering – Integrated security solutions – SOC optimization

Using AI and self-learning algorithms, Irisity upgrade existing or new surveillance cameras from passive to proactive alarming devices. Every frame in a video stream gets analyzed with high precision to detect illicit activity within defined zones.

Our most popular solutions

Irisity has been developing video analytics for more than fifteen years. Together with more than 100 companies. The information that has been processed by our algorithms to date and incorporated into our proprietary knowledge bank is vast. And while you read this, it grew yet another bit.

”I looked at the available systems. When it comes to school surveillance, this is the best and most complete solution there is.”

Peter Granfeldt

Security Coordinator, City of Gothenburg

”It feels good to be able to strengthen security by moving from patrolling security guards to intelligent camera surveillance, while simultaneously reducing operating costs by 70%.”

Jopas Wulff

Trafic Manager, Øresund Bridge Consortium

“Now, we are 100% sure that we will spot all events. With IRIS™ we will see when something bad is happening.”

Mr. Marius Penikas

Security Solutions Department Director, G4S Lithuania

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