Irisity AB (publ) announces the availability of its solution on the Google Cloud Marketplace

The deep learning-based IRIS School Guard™ is an established market leader for schools and public facilities safety in the Nordics. Now, Irisity will expand its advanced security solutions for the education sector by making it available for customers to deploy via Google Cloud Marketplace globally.

“Our technology allows us to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to detect issues as they happen, while the deliberate use of low-resolution footage or complete anonymization enables new use cases to help safeguard lives while maintaining the privacy of individuals,” says Johan Höglund, Chief Growth Officer Irisity. “Offering our solution on Google Cloud Marketplace will help educational customers globally utilize our well-proven and successful public safety solution.”

Having completely rebuilt its serverless infrastructure on Google Cloud, Irisity can now offer customers new capabilities, an improved UI, and better performance. Irisity’s solution has global scope, but the company will initially approach the more than 130.000 public and private K-12 schools in the U.S. Many schools already have cameras but most lack advanced analytics and the ease of use applications to make them effective safety and security tools. The solution will launch on Google Marketplace on August 1.

“By delivering its solution on Google Cloud Marketplace, Irisity will help more customers quickly and easily deploy its capabilities at scale and utilize Google Cloud’s secure, trusted infrastructure,” said Boaz Maoz, Country Manager at Google Cloud.

IRIS School Guard™ delivers a unique solution against violence, threats, and vandalism, while supporting personal privacy and ethical use.

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Written by rhianna

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