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Top 5 Reasons You Need to Elevate Your Security with IRIS+

Over the last few months, you may have had the opportunity to get a glimpse into IRIS+, but now it’s time to put it to the test. IRIS+ is the result of a partnership blossomed from a need for real  innovation and improvement in the market. 

With the announcement of the general availability of IRIS+, let’s talk about the top five reasons you need to elevate your security with IRIS+.

IRIS+ supports installations of all sizes and can be applied to any number of cameras, making it the most flexible solution in the market today. A new planning tool empowers integrators and end users to outline their IRIS+ deployments based on specific needs.

Automation is KEY
With seamless automated backups, upgrades, 24/7 network, and camera health monitoring, IRIS+ simplifies management and service requirements. Let IRIS+ do the heavy lifting in the cloud or on-premises.

All About the Stats
A new statistic functionality elevates automation and reporting functions, improving overall business intelligence. 

Easy Integrations
The open-architecture software platform is compatible with any video surveillance infrastructure and offers easy integration with third-party video solutions and alarm monitoring software.

IRIS+ elevates video analytics capabilities and emphasizes intelligence to ensure reliability and detection within complex environments. Broad object classification for the highest accuracy levels. It automatically identifies a wide range of events of interest as situations unfold, enhancing situational awareness and supporting informed response.

You can learn more about all of the platform’s unique features here:

It’s time to see the future. It’s time to get started with IRIS+.



Written by rhianna

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