Teaming Up with Intel and Dell to Streamline AI Deployment

Irisity is teaming up with Intel and Dell to streamline the use of artificial intelligence through AI-powered video analytics software, IRIS+. By itself, IRIS+ delivers state-of-the-art video analytics in the central monitoring, critical infrastructure, rail and transportation, education, smart cities, and healthcare sectors with high levels of accuracy. When combined with Dell in Intel’s AI solution validation lab, users can look forward to improved, streamlined, and battle-tested AI-enabled solutions that continue to deliver in high-stress environments. Here’s what Intel’s AI solution validation lab showed us about deploying AI solutions on the market. 

AI Deployment Made Simple

To ensure that our AI-enabled solutions are easy to deploy and even easier to use, Irisity took the opportunity to partner with Dell in testing IRIS+ in its ability to deliver for users. Using Intel’s software, we worked with Dell engineers to run tests highlighting aspects of IRIS+ that needed attention, allowing us to further improve upon the solution. For example, with the help of engineers from Intel and Dell, we were able to determine the optimal hardware from Intel and Dell to combine with IRIS+ in the field to deliver the best possible results when applied to real-world scenarios. In addition to this, we identified the optimal system configurations for various simulated workloads that the software would likely encounter in the field. 

Why Validation?

By validating our solutions with Intel’s AI solution validation lab, Irisity and Dell engineers were able to reduce the overall complexities and resource requirements that would have otherwise been necessary for the deployment of AI-powered solutions such as IRIS+. Optimizing AI solutions in this way doesn’t just minimize the costs of deploying this technology, but also grants an overall improved experience for prospective users by simplifying the setup process. Validation allows for faster security and resource optimization for user organizations, which leads to a vastly accelerated time-to-value, made possible by preconfiguring technology with Intel’s validation lab. 

With preconfigured solutions validated before deployment, users can count on reliable and readily available solutions whenever needed. Read more here on Intel’s AI solution validation lab and optimizing solutions for reduced time-to-market. 


Written by rhianna

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