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Keven Marier

Keven Marier

Chief Executive Officer, CEO

Phone: +46 771 41 11 00

Anna Anderstöm

Anna Anderström

Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer, COO/CFO

Phone: +46 709 10 81 08

Financial presentations

Vator Securities Tech Days

Vator Securities Tech Days

A presentation of Irisity by CFO Andreas Höye At Vator Securities Tech Days, 9 March 2021, our CFO Andreas Höye gave a brief introduction of the company, a run-through of the security industry as well as a status update and Irisitys’ plans for the future. About...

Interview with Erik Penser Bank

Interview with Erik Penser Bank

Irisitys CEO Marcus Bäcklund gets interviewed by stock analyst Rickard Engberg from Erik Penser Bank Strong finish of the yearThe conversation starts with a sum up of the 4th quarter. Marcus declare that Irisity experienced a strong finish of the year, despite effects...


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Irisity, at that time called Mindmancer, was founded 2006 by two students from Chalmers University of Technology. The first product was an autonomous robot, built to patrol large areas day and night using a camera. We quickly realized, however, that just a few fixed cameras are needed to continuously cover the entire area patrolled by the robot, giving a better result at a lower cost.

We adapted and refined the video analysis to fixed cameras and launched our “Surveillance as a Service” offerings at the Skydd 2008 trade fair. The products “Construction Guard”, “School Guard” and “Area Guard” were well received and quickly gained us some important customers in different segments.

2009 marked the year when School Guard, with its unique “soft surveillance” approach, really took off, getting installed in over 50 schools. Much of the success is due to the patented anonymization techniques employed.

In the following years, sales were intensified to meet the growing demand. We entered many partnerships, both with alarm centrals and installers, in Sweden and abroad, and started white-labeling our products for others to sell as their own.

In 2017, the company changed name to Irisity, to put more emphasis on AI analytics, distribution of alarm, actions and ratings, and the overall cloud-based software solutions.

About us

We have our origins in research at Chalmers, one of the leading Swedish technical universities. The background in the areas of artificial intelligence, robotics and video analysis has been a strength as we offer and develop the future of security in intelligent video surveillance connected to independent, certified alarm centers.

What differentiates us from the rest of the marketplace is the combination of three characteristics; we are specialists in outdoor surveillance, we care more, and with us, you have a strategic independence to camera suppliers, guard companies, and you will be connected to independent, certified alarm centers.

Through continuous investment in product development and feedback from customers, security packages for different types of areas and their specific threats and requirements have been developed. Through our partners we offer comprehensive security solutions where everything from cameras and installation to solution and alarm panels are included.

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