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Solar park in Southern Europe

Theft, vandalism, and personal safety in focus for this Mediterranian energy provider.

Parque Seixal is a vast solar park in southern Europe, built in 2014. It has a total area of 45.000 square meters with 9.000 solar panels installed. This solar park produces 4 million GWh of energy per year, which is used by the nearby city. A few years after the construction in 2014 Irisity took over as provider of video analytics to the solar park – transforming its operations and helping the security company work proactively.

Thefts, vandalism, and fires

This immensely big site contains a large amount of high-value equipment to protect. The owners of the solar park had recurring problems with thefts of solar panels and costly outages due to vandalism and fires. Their main concern was personal safety hazards for unauthorized people on-premises due to the very high voltages being generated on-site.

An old system with analog cameras

The park had an outdated camera system in place with low-quality analog pictures. This camera system had a rudimentary analytics program included, which was unusable for the client due to the high amounts of false alarms and missed events. The old system sent alarms on everything from wildlife, to vegetation moving in the wind, and the sun reflecting from the panels. Therefore, the cameras were used purely for manual surveillance checks by the security company – an inefficient and time-consuming activity, that unfortunately resulted in several missed events.

Upgrading the site with IRIS™

When implementing the IRIS™ analytics to the Seixal solar park there was no need for the client to buy any new hardware. The existing IP, thermal, and CCTV cameras got upgraded with IRIS™ – now able to send real-time alarms to the local security company as soon as an intrusion is detected. Thus, security operations got transformed from manual to automatic with an easy software implementation overnight.

Results: 99,9% active camera time filtered out

With IRIS™, multiple events are caught every week, safeguarding people from harm and protecting the valuable solar panel equipment. Through optimizing these security operations, guards and operators can instead focus on true incidents as they occur. IRIS™ filters out 99,9% of active camera stream time and the site has gone from 86 400 seconds of active camera time to an average of 2,3 seconds, per camera, per day.

  • Large equipment value to protect
  • Theft, vandalism and fires caused costly power outages. 
  • Dangerous site caused personal safety issues due to high voltage
  • All existing cameras upgraded with IRIS™

Customer value
  • 99.99% of active time filtered out
  • No new hardware eqipment needed
  • Multiple thefts avoided
  • No more power outages due to vandalism or flames

Detection of an intruder on the site caught on 250 meter distance.


New smart zoning and superior object classification make sure that only humans and no animals generate alarms.


Skanska Malmö Live

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Stockholm Metro

Digital surveillance operations in the wake of the pandemic

By implementing IRIS™ to the Kurzemes Philharmonia site, G4S Latvia has been able to reduce their on-site guarding by 50%. No new hardware was needed and therefore no high installation or camera equipment costs were imposed either.

Solutions Energy & Critical infrastructure

More about our solutions for energy and critical infrastructure

IRIS™ video analytics has been designed to solve particular challenges for energy providers and critical infrastructure. Sites were conditions such as bad weather and low lighting are normal, and quick and easy installations are key.