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The Øresund Bridge

Every day, nearly 70 000 travelers pass over the Øresund Bridge. Therefore, safety is a top priority for the Øresund Bridge Consortium and the surveillance needs to live up to the high-security requirements.

The Øresund Bridge is a 16 kilometers long highway and railroad between Sweden and Denmark, creating a conurbation with 3.6 million inhabitants. Jopas Wulff, director of Traffic Management at Øresund Bridge Consortium shares their thoughts regarding implementing video analytics to improve security at restricted areas:

“It all started as a negotiation process about patrolling guards, but I was informed that Irisity could give the Øresund Bridge much better service – an improved technical solution that drastically reduced costs. Of course, I wanted to know more.”


For Jopas, safety is important: ”Compared to patrolling guards, Irisity’s technology makes it possible to surveil the whole area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, instead of sporadical visits once a day. This was a crucial advantage. The solution results in guards being present before the sabotage takes place and before the intrusion has started. We now have a greater understanding of our security issues at critical spots.”


Quality is a central part of everything the Øresund Bridge Consortium does, so they checked the satisfaction of all bidders’ reference customers. It was clear that Irisity received the highest ratings from earlier clients.


Jopas shares his view on the economic aspects: ”In addition to stronger protection, we saw the economic benefits of using up-to-date technology instead of only old-fashioned patrolling guards. With the two combined, we calculated that our cost for surveillance was cut by over 70%.”

“It feels good to make the protection stronger with intelligent camera surveillance and save 70% of the operating costs – all at the same time.”

Jopas Wulff

Director of Traffic Management, The Øresund Bridge Consortium

  • Long distances
  • Multinational area
  • High-security requirements
  • Rough weather
  • Intelligent camera surveillance at critical prohibited areas, active 24 hours a day. 
Customer value
  • 70% cost-savings
  • Stronger surveillance
  • Better use of personnel
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