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School management prevents costly damage and sabotage with intelligent video surveillance

Lövgärdesskolan is a modern school with about 240 students. All teachers and staff at the school works together to create a safe place for learning – but damage and sabotage was proving to be an obstacle. After extensive costs for damages, up to SEK 200,000 per year, school management decided to tackle the problems in order to achieve their vision. ”Our school should be a safe place for learning where everyone can be seen and developed into responsible people with self-confidence and faith in the future.”



Peter Granfeldt, Head master at Lövgärdesskolan explains the situation: “It is very frustrating to come to work in the morning and see your workplace destroyed by vandalism. There was a general concern among students, and they expected school management to address the issues. I am glad that we have been able to find a long term solution to prevent vandalism. We have saved a lot of money, but above all we now have a much safer school and workplace. Had we not taken action, I do not know what it would have looked like today. “


When asked what Peter appreciated most about Irisitys SCHOOL GUARD he answered: “We have had a very good collaboration – the whole installation has felt like a joint project and it was very professionally managed. Since I have a background in IT, it was quite easy for me to understand the benefits of Irisitys unique solution. The Anonymisation add-on is an example of a function that meant that we could get the system up and running immediately, without the need of a permit for camera surveillance. This has saved us about 6 months wating time”.

Economical value

In terms of finances, Peter explains that the solution was a very efficient investment: “From a purely financial perspective, I am glad that I have been involved in an investment with a repayment period of 7 months. We previously had approximately SEK 200,000 in damage per year. This expense is today basically gone. ”

”Previously we had expenses of 200 000 SEK a year in damage and sabotage. Today this cost is almost completly gone.”

Peter Granfeldt

Head master, Lövgärdesskolan

  • Extensive vandalism
  • Costly graffiti problem
  • Negative spiral for students

SCHOOL GUARD with intelligent camera surveillance connected to Irisity’s unique alarm center network.

  • Soft surveillance – start a dialogue with young people instead of criminalizing them
  • Anonymization – protect students privacy and comply with GDPR
  • High quality cameras with intelligent AI software monitor large outdoor areas even in bad weather and low light conditions
  • Focus on movement patterns – Alarms occur upon unwanted behavior only
Customer value
  • Safer school and workplace
  • 7 months repayment period
  • Savings of SEK 200,000 annually in reduced damage costs
  • Quick and easy implementation

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