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Trollhättans Tomt

Arson and repeated vandalism called for new security solutions

Trollhättans Tomt is a municipally owned property management company, specializing in creating attractive environments for companies, research, education and public sector. The schools of Karlstorp and Fräslegård is among those under their management. The schools facilitate many areas of activity from pre-schools and elementary school to family center and special support schools. They take care of 60 – 140 kids in all ages from 1 – 11. Both schools are a part of the central school area of the city of Trollhättan.

“I see great values ​​with SCHOOL GUARD. We have seen a drastic reduction in vandalism and now save a lot of money each year.”

Anders Torslid

CEO, Trollhättans Tomt AB


Anders Torslid, CEO of Trollhättans Tomt comments the previous situation: “We had a lot of vandalism and graffiti in the schools before. The straw that broke the camel’s back was an incident with 20-30 broken windows at Frälsegårdsskolan. We decided to do something about this and in retrospect it feels great that we found a long-term solution.” In addition to the vandalism, Trollhättans Tomt also had a couple of arsons at Karlstorpsskolan: “In these situations there was also a direct concern about the perpetrators’ safety. I am very pleased to say that we can avoid this now.”

Advanced technology

Irisity’s background in research is something that Anders appreciates: “It is noticeable that Irisity has a deep technical competence – their cameras are connected to their alarm center network and the fact that we have several schools with surveillance needs was not a problem.” He continues by saying: “The system makes it possible to cover several objects at once with a coordination of resources and alarm management. In addition, their advanced technology enables students’ integrity not to be compromised. Thanks to this, we were able to set up the surveillance quickly as we did not have to apply for a permit for the camera surveillance”.

A positive investment

In terms of finances, Anders says that the solution was a good investment: “Previously, we had quite a lot of damage – for a value of approximately €27 000 per year. I am very happy that the taxpayer money I put on SCHOOL GUARD was repaid in about 11 months. We have also been able to free up considerable time for other things than cleaning up broken glass, cleaning up and tidying up!”

Trollhättan tomt
  • Repeated vandalism and fire
  • Several properties to protect
  • Insecurity during night

SCHOOL GUARD with intelligent camera surveillance connected to Irisity’s unique alarm center network.

  • Soft surveillance – start a dialogue with young people instead of criminalizing them
  • Anonymization – protect students privacy and comply with GDPR
  • High quality cameras with intelligent AI software monitor large outdoor areas even in bad weather and low light conditions
  • Focus on movement patterns – Alarms occur upon unwanted behavior only
Customer value
  • Safer school and workplace
  • Savings upwards €23 000 annually in reduced vandalism
  • Fast return of investment – approximately 11 months

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