Irisity develops state of the art video analytics software with the purpose of enhancing efficiency in surveillance applications while safeguarding personal integrity.  

Our solution is built on Artificial Intelligence coupled with vigilant human input and is available through Irisity’s cloud-based platform. Welcome to IRIS™ – The smartest and most accurate activity spotter in the surveillance business. Yes, it’s a machine, a very intelligent machine. 

A major problem with video surveillance is data overload. IRIS™ – Our intelligent software solution analyses and filters video data and send alarms only when a detection is made. Thousands of hours of video is brought down to minutes which drastically improves efficiency and working environment in surveillance operations. IRIS™ contains advanced features like anonymization algorithms, making it easier to install surveillance solutions in public areas like schools or universities, enhancing security without exposing people’s identity.  

How it works

A major problem with video surveillance is the enormous data overload. Operators of a traditional CCTV system are exposed to a vast amount of video data. This is tiring for the operator and makes it impossible to stay alert when something important is happening. Machines do not share this issue. Data overload is the problem Irisity solves and surveillance accuracy where we excels. The solution is based on Machine Learning accelerated through human input – We call it IRIS™ 

When IRIS™ detects movement, a short sequence is shown to the operator, who confirms that it is indeed human activity and takes appropriate action.  Simultaneously the data input is added to the system’s knowledge bank. Eleven patented algorithms (and several pending) continuously teach IRIS™ to recognize what’s interesting in a given picture, better than any human being. 

IRIS™ has been built from scratch by our team, optimized to provide excellent weather-agnostic surveillance of large outdoor areas using only a few cameras. 




  • Cloud based solution
  • Network of alarm centrals
  • Active surveillance
  • Anonymized surveillance
  • Weather proof
  • Detects flames

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An ever growing knowledge bank

Every single time an operator determines that there’s human activity in the camera sequence, these specific pixel combinations are also added to the knowledge bank. Thus, the system simply keeps getting smarter and smarter and learns to recognize and pass on only what’s interesting in any given picture, while blacking out the parts that are not. This means that the operator will only handle truly confirmed human activity. It doesn’t get more efficient than that.

And now for the really good part: Irisity has been doing this in Scandinavia for ten years. For more than 350 companies. The information that has been processed by our algorithms to date and incorporated into our proprietary knowledge bank is vast (an understatement). And while you read this, it grew yet another bit.

Detecting human activity is an almost inhuman task, which is why we’ve turned to intelligent software for help.

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