​​IRIS+ Verified by Milestone, Easing Integration

IRIS+ Verified by Milestone

This year, Irisity submitted both innoVi and IRIS+ to Milestone for verification. We know just how important integrations are to our customers and our long standing partnership with Milestone has been a very positive one. We are excited to share that IRIS+ and the former innoVi have been Milestone Verified.  

The Milestone Verification is intended to verify the compatibility of the partner’s specific product, based on the documentation submitted, with a current Milestone XProtect® video management software (VMS).

This integration makes the full functionality of the IRIS+ and innoVi platforms available natively through the Milestone XProtect family of products. This includes state-of-the-art real-time video analytics combined with powerful forensic search and reporting capabilities. All alarms generated in the Irisity system will be available in Milestone.

Why Verification Matters

By Verifying with Milestone:

Simplified AI Deployment

We further streamlined efficiencies through robust integration

Cost-Effective Performance

Joint customers gain access to more advanced capabilities due to the close integration/partnership with Irisity and Milestone

Accelerated Time to Value

IRIS+ has been proven to deliver the right level of performance to reach desired deployment goals with Milestone XProtect

AI alarm zones camera school

The Verification Process:

IRIS+ and innoVi’s compatibility was verified by Milestone Engineers. Irisity provided Milestone with the following for the verification process:

  • Architecture diagram showing the data flow
  • Screenshots
  • Additional Documents such as user and administrator manuals

Through the information provided ​​Milestone confirmed that both products are compatible with the Milestone XProtect version applied in the testing environment.