On-premises, Cloud and Hybrid

IRIS+™ Video Analytics Platform

Real-Time Monitoring, Post-Incident Analysis, Forensic and integrations brings you the power to scale your operations

IRIS+ Platform for AI video analytics

Software with AI Video Analytics

IRIS+ is a truly open and scalable video analytics platform which works in any environment being on-premises (air-gapped), cloud or a combination in a hybrid setup. This gives customers and partners the freedom of choice to design, operate and manage their surveillance operation.

IRIS+ boosts new life to video surveillance adapting to evolving security requirements from “light” to “extreme” environments.

Built to Scale

The value of an Open Platform increases over time


IRIS+ can scale from small 5-10 camera installations to multi-site, multi tenant either on-premise or in the cloud supporting thousands of cameras with AI detections.

The platform is designed to accommodate evolving surveillance needs, various environments and applications, accommodating expansion in camera networks, data processing capabilities, and security requirements.

IRIS+ operates across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments, scaling vertically, horizontally, and functionally. Vertical scaling enhances the capacity of individual servers or nodes by upgrading resources like CPU, RAM, or storage.

Meanwhile, its horizontal scalability allows for the addition of more nodes or servers, distributing the workload and enabling virtually limitless resource expansion. This flexibility ensures that IRIS+ can adapt to any scale of operation.

The platform’s distributed architecture enables deployment across different geographical regions or data centers, optimizing performance and redundancy. In mission-critical environments where downtime is unacceptable, IRIS+’s elasticity dynamically adjusts resources in response to demand.

Its load balancing and failover techniques efficiently distribute incoming requests or workloads across multiple servers or nodes, ensuring maximum resource utilization and consistent performance

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IRIS+ represents a cutting-edge system designed to seamlessly operate a top Kubernetes, offering businesses unparalleled flexibility, scalability, and reliability for their applications.

By harnessing the power of Kubernetes, IRIS+ significantly enhances deployment speeds, automates the management of complex containerized applications, and ensures optimal resource utilization.

This integration brings forth a robust platform that not only simplifies operational
complexities but also provides a secure, resilient foundation for microservices architecture.

With IRIS+, enterprises can effortlessly adapt to market changes, scale on demand,
and achieve superior performance, all while maintaining a focus on innovation and
customer satisfaction.

Centralized Management

IRIS+ intuitive web portal allows you to perform all needed administration centrally. Here, you configure your AI Agents, rules, and alerts.

You can also investigate and perform forensic searches across all the meta data that has been extracted from your video streams.

Additionally, you can also monitor the health status of the system along the entire video and data pipeline.
Camera management

  • Add and configure all of your cameras efficiently
  • Set-up all your cameras in the management portal and efficiently configure and
    manage them with productivity tools.
  • Add and configure cameras in minutes
    Configure cameras in bulk

AI Agent configuration

  • Automatic and continuous camera calibration
  • Define what your AI Agents should be watching for in your video streams

Deployed on Kubernetes

IRIS+ benefits from running on Kubernetes for several key reasons:

    • Scalability:

      Automatically scales applications based on demand, ensuring they perform optimally without wasting resources..

    • High Availability:

      Enhances application availability by automatically managing container failures and load distribution, minimizing downtime.

    • Portability:

      Allows applications to be easily moved across different environments, from local development to cloud production, thanks to its abstraction of the underlying infrastructure.

    • Resource Efficiency:

      Optimizes hardware resource usage by intelligently scheduling containers, leading to cost savings.

    • Simplified Management:

      Automates deployment, scaling, and management processes, reducing the operational complexity and facilitating DevOps practices.

Health Monitoring

IRIS+ built in Health Monitoring, logs and monitor all service aspects that are vital for the platform to function properly and to deliver the actionable Insights you need.

Define who should have access and allow security personnel to make informed decisions, prioritize response efforts, and optimize resource allocation based on the identified threats and trends provided.
IRIS+ constantly monitors various aspects in order to ensure that your real-time surveillance operation works properly, and your operators can rest assured they will not miss anything of importance.

  • Get notified when something is not working
  • Alerts on low quality or blocked video
  • Alerts on missing connectivity anywhere in the pipeline
  • Monitor data transmission into integrated systems

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Floating Licenses

Irisity’s pricing and licensing model is simple and flexible. For each camera requiring AI feature/s, a license is required. However, it can be challenging to foresee in advance which and how many of your cameras to begin with, are vital for your operations.

To solve this issue, IRIS+ platform is built on a dynamic licensing management tool, enabling a flexible operation where licenses are not tied up to specific cameras.

With IRIS+ floating licensing model, you can move the AI from one camera to the other without any additional cost. Simply log into your IRIS+ Client, and move around, add, remove and add cameras freely.

Seamless integration with leading video surveillance technology

IRIS+™ is integrated with some of the most prominent video management systems in the surveillance industry such as Genetec and Milestone, the prolific central monitoring solution Immix, run our AI on Axis camera (ARTPEC 7 and above) and Mobotix.

For all other integrations, the IRIS+ WebHook API can push events detected in real-time to 3rd party applications.

Our available integrations


IRIS+ combines real-time event detection and alerts together with post event data analysis and investigation capabilities.

The IRIS+ platform extracts and analyses in real-time data from your camera and video streams, which is then used to create real-time rules for event detection, or to query for operational use and investigation.

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With IRIS+ you can easily search and find events of interest due to the rich meta data that our AI Agents constantly extract from your video feeds.

  • Search for the incidents you look for and lets IRIS+ Investigator deliver the results instantly through all meta data extracted from your video.
  • Search for a wide range of objects
  • Choose from numerous attributes and qualities
  • Instant best shot results
  • Automated statistical analysis over time

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Search for Similar

With search for similar you can track specific individuals and investigate in scenes by uploading images of a person of interest in the objects menu Ideal for applications requiring detailed person tracking and monitoring.

  • Searchfunction and identification of people
  • Track people effectively for enhanced security
  • Provides detailed post-event analysis

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Dashboard & Insights

The Business Intelligence Dashboard is a powerful new feature for data visualization and trend analysis. Customize how you view statistical data and trends from all scenes and events.

  • Customizable for specific needs
  • Track and predict event patterns effectively
  • Turn data into actionable insights

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Personalized AI

With 20 years of experience, our technology has been proven in more than 5000 sites.

Irisity offers the highest detection accuracy for various objects and activities.

If you are watching for something very specific to your organization, we can create
personalized Agents for you.

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How IRIS+™ works

Connect any camera to the network, define specific detection rules and let the IRIS+ video analytics be your eyes 24/7.

IRIS+™ vs. Camera Analytics

IRIS+ is an open video analytics platform that is compatible with all camera brands and models. This offers a significant advantage to customers and system integrators, as it allows for integration of various cameras, whether they are older models, new versions, or different brands, providing greater flexibility and independence from specific camera manufacturers.

Future-proof your Surveillance System

Video analytics developed by camera manufacturers typically only functions with their own hardware, requiring AI-enabled camera models, which tend to be more expensive than non-AI models. These analytics cannot be transferred or shared between different cameras.

As a result, the use cases are restricted, compelling customers to buy new, up-to-date camera models instead of reusing their existing surveillance infrastructure and IP cameras.

Works with any IP camera

Highest detection accuracy

Scales to installations of all sizes

Simple set-up and operation

Most attractive TCO on the market

Built on 20 years of experience

Get started today!


Select any new or existing IP camera on your site regardless of brand or model.


Connect it to the IRIS+ software where you define what you are watching for.


Start receiving instant alarms. Collect meta data when something happens!