AI Facial Recognition

Increase Security with IRIS+™ Facial Recognition

What is AI Facial Recogniton?

Facial Recognition is a technology used in surveillance security to identify and verify individuals by analyzing their facial features. It detects and matches faces in real-time, making it an effective tool for surveillance in various environments.

It works by processing images from surveillance cameras (CCTV) in real-time, comparing them against databases to identify known individuals or flag suspicious activity.

It can also be utilized for post-event investigations, identifying individuals from recorded video even after the event has taken place.

Why Use Facial Recognition?

Using facial recognition with surveillance systems improves the ability to deter crime, manage access control, and ensure the safety of premises. Here are some reasons to consider integrating this technology:

Smart Security Automation with AI

  • Accurate Identification
    Accurately identifies individuals, preventing unauthorized access and reducing criminal activities.
  • Smart & Efficient
    Automates identity verification, saving time and reducing manual checks in high-traffic areas.

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Preventing Unauthorized Access

AI facial recognition enhances surveillance with real-time monitoring, reduces manpower and errors, and provides scalable, cost-effective security solutions.

  • Advanced Surveillance
    Enhances surveillance systems with real-time monitoring and alerts for suspicious activities.
  • Reducing Costs
    Reduces the need for extensive manpower, minimizing manual identification errors and offering long-term savings.
  • Scalability
    Easily integrates with existing systems, allowing for expansion and adaptation to growing security needs.

Facial Recognition with IRIS+™

IRIS+ Facial recognition technology scans video feeds to identify faces by comparing them against a database of known individuals.

Upon detecting a face, it analyzes facial features to confirm the person’s identity. This system enables real-time monitoring and identification, ensuring precise and effective security measures.

It can also be used for post-event investigations, identifying people from recorded video even after incidents occur.

  • Enhances security with precise face detection.
  • Provides real-time alerts for any unauthorized access
  • Identifies individuals associated with specific activities.
  • Tracks people effectively for enhanced security.

Enhance Safety with AI

Facial recognition is revolutionizing surveillance security and operational efficiency across various sectors.

By integrating IRIS+™ AI Facial Recognition into your security systems, you can enhance safety, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

Embrace the future of security with our advanced facial recognition solutions.

What is AI Video Analytics and why should you use Video Analytics?

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