Search for Similar

Track and Identify People With IRIS+™ Search for Similar

What is Search for Similar?

Search for Similar is a powerful feature designed specifically for post-event investigations. With only a few steps, users can quickly target a person in a scene, and scan across all cameras and sites to search for instances that shares similarities with the target.

Complement Video Investigation with our “Search for similar” feature, which helps operators to perform an investigation query of a specific person. Search thoroughly and track people with the highest similarities to the person of interest.

This capability enhances the depth of security operations by enabling precise and targeted searches within recorded footage.

ai facial recognition with iris+

Why Use Search for Similar?

Search for Similar offers operators an additional layer on in-depth investigation in order to locate and track specific people by using a more detailed and refined appearance of the person, for example cloths colors, hair, glasses or the height of a person. Here is why you should use this technology

  • Dynamic feedback mechanism
    Search for Similar is based on a dynamic feedback between the operator and the system, allowing for higher and more refined investigation parameters
  • Shorten investigation time
    This feature shorten the investigation time dramatically by focusing the operator’s attention only to objects with higher similarities, instead of browsing through numerous objects retrieved on standard investigation queries

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Enhanced Tracking & Identification

Search for Similar reduces search time dramatically as it enables a finer description of an individual.

  • Increased Efficiency
    Automating the process of identifying and tracking individuals reduces the reliance on manual methods, saving time and minimizing errors.
  • Scalable Solution
    The “Search for Similar” feature easily integrates with existing surveillance systems, allowing for scalable deployment across various environments.
  • Improved Investigation
    Provides detailed post-event analysis by enabling operators to quickly locate and track persons of interest, streamlining the investigative process and enhancing overall security measures.

Search for Similar with IRIS+™

“Search for similar” enhances and helps operators to perform an investigation query of a specific person. The system queries all video frames based on general criteria such as shirt colors, to find instances that share multiple attributes similarities with the initial query. This allows for detailed investigation of particular people of interest, enabling operators to evaluate their presence in specific scenes.

It provides a robust solution for detailed person tracking and monitoring, enhancing the overall effectiveness of security and surveillance operations.

  • Precise search function and identification of people
  • Automated tracking minimizes manual requirements.
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing camera systems
  • Tracks people effectively for enhanced security.

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