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Can you spot the person in the video?

Irisity Edge for Axis

We are pleased to announce the launch of Irisity Edge for Axis. The offering combines best-in-class video analytics with market-leading surveillance cameras to provide customers with a comprehensive and intelligent video security solution.

The video to the left shows a detection for the Axis-embedded analytics – can you spot the person the system detected? A zoomed-in frame can be seen below.

Explore the benefits of Irisity Edge for Axis

Ideal for both small and large installations

Bandwidth requirements are kept to a minimum

Fully compatible with Irisity's hosted cloud solutions

AI processing is distributed across thousands of cameras

True IoT architecture

Supports integrations to the Axis ecosystem

Compatible with third-party systems

No additional hardware needed

The solution runs Irisity’s AI algorithms for perimeter security embedded in the Axis camera without requiring extra hardware. Irisity Edge for Axis combines Irisity’s industry-leading video analytics, based on deep learning AI models and machine learning, and Axis Camera Applications Platform (ACAP) video devices into a single solution.