Central Monitoring

Automated detections
for improved guarding efficiency

The ultimate solution for remote guarding and central monitoring

Irisity’s software is ideal for monitoring sites. It easily integrates with multiple 3rd party VMS and central management systems, and is camera agnostic.

With over 15 years in the business, thousands of cameras connected and million of machine learning entries – IRIS is the most exact trouble spotter in the surveillance business.

Increase the number of sites, while reducing operator dependency.

IRIS generates automatic alerts for security breaches at remote sites, whenever human presence is detected. This allows operators to focus on real threats. By quickly reviewing a video verification of the safety breach, security professionals can decide on the best course of action. IRIS allows you to increase efficiency drastically – allowing for more connected sites monitored by fewer operating staff.

Rail security on screen

Improved security operations, with real-time analytics – powered by AI

Traditional camera systems often generate large amounts of false alarms. Weather, wind, and varying light conditions make it challenging to differentiate types of movement in a camera image. Safety breaches are easy to miss and operators are not machines. But video monitoring does not have to be human dependent. With our AI-based solutions, you can have active surveillance 24/7, 360 days a year.

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Video Monitoring Service Increases Performance & Revenue

Video Monitoring Service Increases Performance & Revenue

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Johannesburg’s CAP Boost Security and Revenue with Irisity

Johannesburg’s CAP Boost Security and Revenue with Irisity

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Reduce false alarms with up to 95%

Optimize operational and on-site efficiency

Integrates with all major Video Monitoring Systems

Federated architecture, ideal for monitoring sites