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IRIS™ video analytics has been designed to solve all common security challenges at construction sites, while also offering cost savings and an easy installation into any pre-existing security infrastructure.

The IRIS™ system is compatible with most camera brands and types and creates high-precision detections of illicit activity under the most challenging outdoor conditions – providing safety for people and assets on construction sites, and avoiding operation stops and high costs caused through security incidents.

Optimize your video surveillance

Irisity’s analytics software can improve surveillance  of construction sites and building infrastructure at reduced cost. The IRIS™ software works with new or existing camera installations and can even be implemented in temporary camera masts. The system automatically monitors the area and detects unwanted activity under the most challenging weather and light conditions. It offers real-time resolution of security threats through state-of-the-art analytics and accurate alarm sending.

Detection at construction site
Long distance detection

High-precision surveillance assuring safety for people and assets on temporary installations.

Act in real time on trespassing

Loitering detection gives early warnings for the outer perimeter

Long-distance detections reduce the number of cameras needed

IRIS™ automatically adapts to the ever-changing nature of construction sites


Irisity’s analytics is composed of a wide set of advanced algorithms, designed to safeguard objects and people on construction sites. The system automatically identifies potential security threats and sends real-time alerts to the security staff, for a rapid resolution. Algorithms especially suitable for construction sites and temporary installations include:

Motion detection icon

Intrusion detection

Detect breaches of armed zones during defined times.



Detect people lingering or dwelling in no-go zones and act early.

IRIS™ Violent behavior

Violent behavior

Detect aggressive behavior and fights instantly, also in crowded environments.

Flame detection icon

Flame detection

Detect fires far away using ordinary color cameras.

Anonimization icon


Protect integrity by de-identifying people in the camera view.

Case studies

Case header - Malmo

Skanska Malmö Live construction site

“This high profile project needs to be protected because it is the largest building project in Malmö, with over 500 workers in the city centre. We want to make sure that only our people is within the premises.”

Erik Abäck, Project manager at Skanska

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Case header - Malmo

JM AB Sockertorget construction site

“We have made it without production stops and have not had to restore things after a nightly visit. With this solution, I get 24h monitoring also during really bad weather. The system is flexible, which suits us well as the site is in continuous development.”

Anders Ohlsson, Site Manager at JM Sockertorget

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