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Five quick questions about the future of Irisity

Investor relations magazine Börsvärlden meets with CEO Marcus Bäcklund

Börsvärlden Magazine, 6 January 2022

The software company Irisity is in a strong growth phase that includes global expansion. Read what Marcus Bäcklund has to say about algorithms, intelligent cameras and the company’s visions for the future.

Can you briefly describe what you do and what your vision is?

– We are a public software company that develops advanced video analysis based on machine learning. Our goal is to streamline a security industry under strong change and digitalisation. The head office is on Lindholmen in Gothenburg and the other offices are in Israel, the USA, the United Arab Emirates and Singapore.

What has happened in the last year?

– We are in a strong growth phase where we mainly expand globally through both organic and acquisition growth. During the year, we made a major acquisition of an Israeli company, built the organization and expanded our sales, development and customer support capacity. We have also launched several new cutting-edge algorithms, including an algorithm for Stockholm Metro that saves lives in the subway.

How do your algorithms work?

Our software IRIS can be used with all cameras on the market, both existing and new. By having IRIS analyze each pixel in the camera stream and understand pixel patterns, there is a dramatic increase in surveillance efficiency. Because we “train” our algorithms, IRIS achieves a very high level of precision in detection, something that would otherwise require unreasonably expensive manual resources.

What challenges and opportunities do you see in 2022?

– We expect to continue to scale up our business in all customer segments internationally. The main challenge is to accelerate digitalization together with large global companies. Then we also hope for an end to the pandemic. Our potential is all the millions of cameras around the world that need to be updated with intelligence.

What can a shareholder expect from you as a company?

– We will continue to deliver strong growth and thus shareholder value.


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