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Visentry Enhances Security with Irisity AI Video Analytics Solutions

Enhancing Security and Reducing Costs with Irisity AI Video Analytics Solutions: Visentry’s Success at a San Francisco Condo

Visentry, a New Jersey-based remote guarding company, was tasked by the property management of a residential condo in downtown San Francisco to address significant security challenges.

The building was plagued by unauthorized individuals loitering at the entrance, obstructing residents’ access. Property management sought an effective and cost-efficient security solution to improve resident safety and eliminate this issue.

Implementation Strategy

24/7 Surveillance and Monitoring

Solution: Visentry deployed high-definition cameras throughout the building, utilizing Irisity’s advanced AI video analytics for continuous monitoring.

Impact: This perpetual surveillance discouraged criminal activities and unauthorized presence at the building entrance, boosting residents’ sense of security.

Enhanced Access Control

Solution: Visentry integrated its remote guarding system with Doorman24, enhancing the building’s access control to verify the identity of all entrants.

Impact: This integration minimized unauthorized access, ensuring only residents and verified visitors could enter, significantly reducing intruder incidents and entrance obstructions.

Rapid Incident Response

Solution: Visentry’s services included real-time response capabilities, with trained professionals ready to address alerts and suspicious activities.

Impact: Quick interventions prevented incidents from escalating. The system’s ability to contact local law enforcement or provide immediate assistance through intercoms further enhanced resident safety.

Common Area Monitoring

Solution: Key areas such as lobbies and storage rooms were monitored through Visentry’s remote guarding services.

Impact: The surveillance of common areas deterred inappropriate behavior and unauthorized gatherings, fostering a safer and more pleasant living environment.

Visitor Management

Solution: Visentry, alongside Doorman24, managed visitors by verifying identities and granting access remotely.

Impact: This system reduced the risk of unauthorized entry, ensuring that all visitors were properly vetted and contributing to the overall security of the building.

Protection Against Vandalism and Theft

Solution: Utilizing advanced cameras and AI software, Visentry identified suspicious activities and potential threats.

Impact: Early detection allowed for immediate action, preventing property damage and theft, thereby safeguarding residents’ belongings and the property.

Emergency Response Coordination

Solution: In emergencies such as fires or medical incidents, Visentry’s systems provided critical support and coordination.

Impact: Efficient communication with emergency services ensured swift responses, mitigating potential harm and ensuring resident safety.

Real-Time Alerts and Notifications

Solution: Residents and property managers received real-time security alerts through Visentry’s system.

Impact: Immediate awareness of security issues enabled quicker decision-making and actions, keeping residents informed and enhancing their sense of safety.

Detailed Reporting and Analytics

Solution: Visentry provided comprehensive reports and analytics on security incidents and overall building security.

Impact: These insights helped property managers identify patterns, assess the effectiveness of security measures, and make informed decisions to continuously improve security protocols.

Cost-Effective Security Solution

Solution: Visentry’s remote guarding services reduced the need for on-site security personnel, lowering labor costs.

Impact: Cost savings were reinvested into other areas of property management or used to enhance security infrastructure, providing high-quality security without significant increases in maintenance fees or rent.


Visentry’s implementation of Irisity’s AI video analytics significantly improved the security and safety of a residential condo in downtown San Francisco. By combining advanced technology with experienced remote guarding services, Visentry ensured real-time monitoring and rapid response capabilities.

This partnership not only provided peace of mind to residents but also prevented unauthorized access and potential damages, leading to substantial cost savings for the property management. This case underscores the effectiveness and efficiency of remote guarding as a security solution for residential properties.

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