IRIS+ Put to the Test in Intel’s AI Solution Validation Lab

IRIS+ Validated by Intel

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IRIS+, our AI-powered video analytics software, increases security and business intelligence in a wide range of industries and verticals, including central monitoring, critical infrastructure, rail and transportation, education, smart cities, and healthcare. This comprehensive solution delivers high levels of accuracy, even in the most challenging environments, and is designed to be easy to implement and scale. Our recent testing, with Dell, in Intel’s AI solution validation lab proved to be a key step in enabling streamlined deployment of the new product for customers.

Why Validating Matters

By validating with Dell in the Intel lab, we have positioned IRIS+ for:

Simplified AI Deployment

An all-in-one preconfigured solution means no need to purchase and experiment with individual components.

Cost-effective performance

IRIS+  has been tested and proven to deliver the right level of performance to reach desired deployment goals.

Accelerated time to value

Ready-right-now IRIS+ enables fast, easy AI adoption to start identifying opportunities for improving security and cost savings upon implementation.

“Irisity was able to use Intel’s AI solution validation lab to quickly test and benchmark our latest IRIS+ software release on servers running a variety of 3rd Gen Intel Xeon processors and create detailed hardware sizing data for our partners and customers. ”

Zvika Ashani

CTO, Irisity

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Count on a prevalidated solution to streamline deployment and simplify scaling. That’s because optimizing hardware and software configurations in advance reduces risk and complexity, helping to ensure that an AI solution will deliver the right level of performance for the task at hand—from day one.

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