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The Easy Way to Boost Your Surveillance Operation with AI Video Analytics:

System view on different devices

Stop watching and storing. Start knowing and acting.

Is your surveillance operation still all about watching hours of video footage daily, looking for activities that need your attention?

IRIS+ boosts your surveillance operation with AI Agents for unprecedented situational awareness. It recognizes activities and incidents that require fast response in real-time.

Stop storing terabytes of useless video footage. Use the actionable and lightweight meta data our AI Agents extract from your video. Receive reliable real time alerts as well as easy forensic search, and operational intelligence at scale.

Works with any IP camera

Highest detection accuracy

Scales to installations of all sizes

Simple set-up and operation

Most attractive TCO on the market

Built on 20 years of experience

The IRIS+ platform

IRIS+ offers everything you need, so that you can stop watching video screens constantly but still spot any relevant activity in your cameras' fields of view. All in a unique distributed architecture that runs deep learning on cost efficient Intel CPUs rather than expensive GPUs.

IRIS+ Edge Devices turn your video into data

This is where all of your heavy, unstructured video footage is turned into structured and actionable meta data. You can either use our pre-configured Irisity Edge devices or simply use your own custom hardware.

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Smart AI Agents detect, classify, and alert

The IRIS+ AI Detection Agents relevant events according to your criteria across a wide range of objects and scenarios. You either choose from our plug & play AI Agents, or we develop and train your custom AI Agents, that detect and alert on a specific interest of yours.

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Central management for everything

IRIS+ comes with an intuitive management portal that lets you set-up and manage all aspects of your IRIS+ real-time video analytics platform. Via the portal, you can configure your agents and alerts, manage all of your edge devices and cameras, and also monitor the system's health along the entire video and data pipeline.

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Deep and wide integration capabilities

The IRIS+ platform is readily integrated with some of the most prolific systems in the video surveillance industry, such as VMS systems or  central monitoring solutions. For all other integrations, it can push data in real time to 3rd party systems through a WebHook API.

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High quality, best accuracy

With 20 years of experience in this market, our technology has been proven over and over again in more than 5000 sites. Irisity offers the highest accuracy in detecting various objects and activities.

Detect activity the human eye can hardly see

Highly accurate on very long distances

Hardly any false alarms for animals, vegetation, etc.

No need for powerful cameras or high resolutions

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Personalized detection for almost anything

At Irisity we are experts at machine learning and can build new computer vision algorithms or adapt existing ones in a very short time frame. Whatever it is that you are watching for, we can create an AI Agent that spots it reliably and alerts you for further action and response.

Reach out for personalized detections

Comprehensive out of the box detections

Our ready made AI Agents watch and detect a wide range of objects and activities.

  • Intrusions by people or vehicles
  • Loitering and grouping
  • Slips and falls
  • Stopped vehicles and counterflow traffic
  • Unattended objects
  • And many more

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Seamless integration with leading video surveillance technology

IRIS+ is integrated with some of the most prominent video management systems in the surveillance industry such as Genetec and Milestone, the prolific central monitoring solution Immix, and leading camera manufacturer Axis Communications. For all other integrations, the IRIS+ WebHook API can push events detected in real-time to 3rd party applications.

Our available integrations

Anonymization at school, grey scale, large pixels

Privacy and GDPR friendly through anonymization

Protect individuals’ integrity by anonymizing people in live and recorded video. IRIS+ Anonymization will securely anonymize any person in the view of the camera, indoors and outdoors. Using patented technology, it combines motion- and image-based human recognition techniques to make sure no person can be identified.

Get started today! It is super easy:


Select any new or existing IP camera on your site regardless of brand or model.


Connect it to the IRIS+ software where you define what you are watching for.


Start receiving instant alarms. Collect meta data when something happens!

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