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Protect personal privacy

Choose to detect suspicious activity rather than exposing personal identity. Pixelate or mask out specific zones to better comply with camera permit regulations. IRIS™ Anonymization is particularly suitable for sensitive installations such as school, health, and public places.

Protect people and assets

Enables quick implementation to new installations

De-identify people in live and recorded video

Can be added to any other IRIS™ product

This is how it works

IRIS™ Anonymization is developed using Irisity’s unique, patented technology and combines motion-and image-based human recognition techniques to make sure no person can be identified in the camera view. The function can complement any other IRIS™ algorithm and offers multiple methods of de-identification including adaptive pixelization and white-masking.

IRIS™ Anonymization

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Peter Granfeldt, Gothenburg

Video monitoring with IRIS™ Anonymization in Gothenburg City

“We needed a solution that would both protect the privacy of the students, and still convey the message of a closely monitored area. We are now able to direct resources to the right place at the right time.”

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IRIS™ Anonymization

Watch an example clip of anonymization in public environments

This example clip shows a detected intrusion on a school roof. Identification of the person is impossible, but guards can quickly be called to the site, ensuring no one gets hurt.

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