Turn your video into actionable data

Powerful Edge Analytics with IRIS+ Edge

Transform heavy video streams into lightweight and rich meta data, with devices running IRIS+ Edge

In the patented distributed video processing architecture of IRIS+, the first step happens at the edge. Running on performant IRIS+ Edge devices on site with a local, high bandwidth connection to your cameras, our AI Agents extract all the relevant meta data from the video stream, detecting anything you specify.

Various deployment options for any set-up

Scale up and out to any size

Patented video processing architecture

Lowest cost per stream in the industry

Our Different Edge Offerings

IRIS+ Edge can be deployed flexibly, and scaled both up or out to handle any number of cameras.

Irisity Edge 10

is a pre-configured appliance that is typically co-deployed with a camera system at the surveillance site and can handle 10-15 video streams per device.

Irisity Edge for Axis

is a special IRIS+ Edge version that runs inside Axis ARTPEC-7 and ARTPEC-8 cameras as an ACAP application, connecting to the Cloud.

Custom Edge

allows you to run IRIS+ Edge analytics on your own custom hardware, that is deployed either on-site or in a centralized location.

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Irisity Edge 10

Irisity’s latest edge device replaces innoVi Edge 320/325. Irisity Edge 10 is the simplest way to get started with advanced video analytics, which can easily be scaled out to thousands of channels. Regardless of one’s security needs, Irisity Edge 10 can cater them, detecting everything from intrusions to abandoned objects, fire and flames and more.

Dependent on the video streaming profile and the activity level in the camera view, each appliance can process up to 16  channels .

From multiple streams to one clip


Simple appliance – plug and play.  

Works with any IP camera regardless of brand and model

Can process 10-15 video streams for most installations

Can be scaled out to any number of devices

Works with both cloud-managed and on-premise deployments

Irisity Edge for Axis

Irisity Edge for Axis runs Irisity’s AI algorithms for perimeter security embedded in Axis cameras without requiring extra hardware. It combines Irisity’s industry-leading video analytics and Axis Camera Applications Platform (ACAP) video devices into a single solution.

With it, you can connect Axis ARTPEC-7 and ARTPEC-8 cameras directly to Irisity’s IRIS+ Cloud. Flexible administration and management are done centrally through a web-based portal, combining server-based, edge-based, and cloud-based analytics in one system.

CCTV camera


Suitable for both, small and large installations

No additional hardware at the edge needed

Distributed processing requires minimal bandwidth

Simplified network and server architecture

Custom Edge

Custom Edge is comprised of Irisity video analytics software installed on customer provided hardware or virtual hardware. The Custom Edge can support a larger number of cameras compared to the Edge 10, pending customer provided resources.

Custom Edge is typically deployed either on-site or in a centralized location, such as a server room or a private data center.

From multiple streams to one clip


Use your own, potentially existing hardware

Works with any IP camera regardless of brand and model

Easy to install Irisity software by running a simple script.

Can be scaled to handle any number of video channels

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