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Detect slip & fall accidents in real-time

Protect patients and lone workers by detecting persons falling to the ground due to injuries, accidents or fights. Suitable for a wide range of security applications, ranging from workplace safety and transportation operators and to medical providers and elderly care.

React quickly on medical emergencies

Upgrade any safety camera to an intelligent sensor

Get immediate notifications on slip & fall accidents

This is how it works

IRIS™ Fall detection tracks human movement with the help of state-of-the-art pose estimation. When a person due to injury or accident falls to the ground and stays lying, an alarm is sent to the operator or health care provider. This enables quick actions – precious moments that can make all the difference between life and death.

IRIS™ Fall detection

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Gold IP

New supplier of IRIS™ Fall detection in the Netherlands

Gold IP – a leading provider of intelligent solutions for the healthcare segment in the Netherlands is now providing IRIS™ solutions to the market, protecting patients from falls and injury.

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Health & Elderly Care

Fall detection for health and elder care sector

Fall detection helps digitalize the health care sector and is used to assist elderly in their home. Home care surveillance can help health care providers free up time that can be spent on important human interactions.

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