IRIS™ Flame detection

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Safeguard from fires with cameras

Provide fire security both outdoors and indoors, even before smoke has become detectable. IRIS™ Flame detection is ideal for scenarios such as construction or waste disposal sites, schoolyards, parks, or other public areas. 

React to fire before smoke becomes detectable

Functional in both indoor and outdoor areas

Provide fire security with regular color cameras

Works perfectly with any other IRIS™ algorithm

This is how it works

IRIS™ Flame detection alerts on flames visible in the view of the camera. The algorithm analyzes each frame in detail to detect color and movement patterns consistent with fire. When a flame is detected, an alarm is instantly sent to an operator. This enables quick actions – precious moments that can make all the difference.

IRIS™ Flame detection

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IRIS™ Flame detection

Watch an example clip of flame detection in outdoor environments

Check out IRIS™ flame detection in action, in this outdoor example alarm clip. Without the use of any thermal cameras, a flame is detected on the field behind the car – using only ordinary color cameras.

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