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IRIS+ is both, integrated and integrable

Our platform boasts a number of integrations with video management systems and central monitoring software. On top of that, IRIS+ offers a rich WebHook API that allows you to leverage the meta data generated by our AI Detection Agents across a wide range of third party systems for real-time use cases, automation and operational intelligence.

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IRIS+ integrates with Axis solutions

With deep knowledge gained over numerous successful Axis and Irisity video surveillance deployments globally since 2005, Irisity has developed customized integrations for some specialized Axis capabilities. The latest example is IRIS+ Edge for Axis that supports the most recent ARTPEC-7 and ARTPEC-8 cameras.

Among other things, IRIS+ provides comprehensive support for Axis video streaming features including embedding passwords and video profiles. IRIS+ also incorporates customized support for Axis multicast to achieve better performance.

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Readily integrated with Genetec

Irisity’s IRIS+ video analytics is seamlessly integrated with Genetec’s Security Center platform. This enables joint customers to receive, display and manage IRIS+ advanced capabilities, including real time events, post-event investigation and business intelligence reports within Security Center.

By integrating with Genetec Security Center, customers gain a full range of AI capabilities on every camera connected to the system. Real-time detections from video sources are sent to Security Center, allowing full event management with Security Desk.


Integrate IRIS+ with immix

Irisity’s integration with Immix GF and Immix CS platform allows end-user to experience optimized solutions implemented in an overall system device. The integration provides host resources that improve a range of edge devices, video monitoring and alarm management in multiple markets.


Integrate IRIS+ with Lenel OnGuard

The interface of innoVi with OnGuard will deliver analytic alerts generated by the innoVi platform directly into OnGuard as alarms. This means that the innoVi alerts can be integrated into the total security solution and trigger a plethora of workflows and actions.

This specific partner interface requires a LenelS2 OnGuard API license.


Seamless integration to Milestone XProtect

IRIS+ video analytics are seamlessly integrated within Milestone’s video recording and management platform, enabling customers to receive, display and manage real-time events, post-event investigation and business intelligence reports on Milestone’s XProtect.

End users benefit from operating with a single client application. Events are sent as alarms to Milestone XProtect Smart Client. From there, they can also conduct investigations, retrieving relevant video data from the original recorded video, according to customized queries.

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IRIS+ integrates to Sentinel

Irisity’s IRIS+ integrates with Monitor Computer Systems Sentinel. The purpose of the integration is to receive and view IRIS+ detected events in the Sentinel system.

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