IRIS™ Intrusion detection

IRIS™ Technology / Intrusion Detection

Detect trespassing on really long distances, using any camera

Upgrade any camera to become an intelligent sensor with state-of-the-art video analytics. IRIS™ Intrusion detection minimizes false alarms, improves operations and detects trespassers on really long distances, using any type of surveillance camera.

Detect people entering restricted areas in real time

Upgrade any camera to become an intelligent sensor

Easily configurable with zones and schedules

Protect privacy with add-on anonymization filter

This is how it works

IRIS™ Intrusion detection uses AI and machine learning to classify objects and trigger alarms for humans present in restricted areas. A pixel analysis and object classification is made to determine if a movement refers to a human, animal, vegetation, or object. When something happens an alarm is sent to ensure direct action, such as turning on a siren, activating a floodlight, notifying a guard, or calling the police. 

IRIS™ Intrusion detection

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IRIS™ is built to secure the longest possible areas, with a minimum amount of cameras. Cameras are placed up high and poles are placed up to 2km apart, enabling coverage of extensive distances.

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G4S minimizing false alarms with IRIS™

G4S minimizing false alarms with IRIS™ intrusion detection

The lack of an efficient alarming system meant €600 in unnecessary monthly expenses for this G4S end-customer. An ordinary postman was triggering up to 60 false alarms per month.

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IRIS™ video analytics

Explore the benefits of going alarm-driven with IRIS™

By letting IRIS™ tirelessly sift through thousands of hours of streaming video in real time operators can focus their attention on the mere seconds of truly important video. Each suspicious activity is …

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