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Avoid vandalism and deter break-ins

A person dwelling just outside the perimeter could mean someone is preparing for an intrusion. People lingering on school grounds after hours often result in property damage or graffiti. IRIS™ Loitering detection gives early warnings when someone is lingering or dwelling in specified zones for a set period of time.

React on prolonged lingering in specified areas

Upgrade any safety camera to an intelligent sensor

Detect suspicious activity near the perimeter

Protect privacy with add-on anonymization filter

This is how it works

IRIS™ Loitering detection combines our excellent human detection with a time-based loitering functionality. It triggers alarms on continuous human presence in specified zones during a pre-determined period of time. When prolonged lingering is detected an alarm is sent to an operator or guard. This enables quick actions – precious moments that can make all the difference.

IRIS™ Loitering detection

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