Configure, integrate, manage, investigate

Central Management for Your AI Video Surveillance System

Manage everything about your AI video surveillance in one place

With IRIS+ you get an intuitive web portal that allows you to perform all needed administration tasks for an IRIS+ powered surveillance system. Here, you configure your AI Agents, rules, and alerts. You can also investigate and perform forensic searches across all the meta data that has been extracted from your video streams. Additionally, you can also monitor the health status of the system along the entire video and data pipeline.

Intuitive portal with streamlined user experience

Health monitoring of devices, video, and data flow

Comprehensive configuration options

Forensic search on rich meta data

Central Management Capabilities

You control all aspects of your IRIS+ video surveillance operation by using one central management portal.

Camera Management

Add and configure all of your cameras efficiently.

AI Agent configuration

Define what your AI Agents should be watching for in your video streams.

Forensic Search

Search across all meta data extracted from your video and analyze operational insights.

Health Monitoring

Monitor all service aspects that are vital for IRIS+ to function properly and to deliver the insights you need.

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Manage your cameras and edge devices

Set-up all your cameras in the management portal and efficiently configure and manage them with productivity tools.

Add and configure cameras in minutes

Configure cameras in bulk

Automatic and continuous camera calibration

From multiple streams to one clip

Configure your AI Agents

Define what AI Agents you want to use and what they should be watching for. Set up individual rules for how and when you want to be alerted.

Unlimited number of AI Agents per camera

Unlimited detection areas and targets

Wide range of advanced parameters

Schedule when detection should be active

From multiple streams to one clip

Investigate and search

With IRIS+ you can easily search and find events of interest due to the rich meta data that our AI Agents constantly extract from your video feeds.

Search for a wide range of objects

Choose from numerous attributes and qualities

Instant best shot results

Automated statistical analysis over time

CCTV camera

Monitor the health of your surveillance system

IRIS+ constantly monitors various aspects in order to ensure that your real-time surveillance operation works properly, and your operators can rest assured they will not miss anything of importance.

Get notified when something is not working

Alerts on low quality or blocked video

Alerts on missing connectivity anywhere in the pipeline

Monitor data transmission into integrated systems

CCTV camera

See the power of IRIS+ live!

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