IRIS™ Unattended object

IRIS™ Technology / Unattended object

Detect suspicious items left behind

Detect misplaced luggage in airports and train stations, and draw attention to potential terror threats. IRIS™ Unattended objects might also be used for logistics or industrial settings to draw attention to forgotten packages or misplaced parcels.

React early on potential terror threats

Detect forgotten or misplaced parcels left behind

Get notified on abandoned luggage at airports

This is how it works

IRIS™ Unattended object detection finds and alarms upon unaccompanied objects. The algorithm constantly monitors multiple video streams and triggers alarms when items such as parcels or bags remains stationary during a prolonged period of time – without the company of a person.

IRIS™ Unattended object

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Safeguard stations, tracks, and airports using AI. Guarantee safety for passengers, drivers, and operators. Quickly respond to potential threats and terror attacks posed by unattended objects.

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