IRIS™ Violent behavior

IRIS™ Technology / Violent behavior

Detect persons acting aggressively

Monitor the behavior of persons in an area, looking for violence or fights. When aggressive behavior is detected an alarm is instantly triggered, enabling quick actions such as calling a guard or contacting the police. IRIS™ Violent behavior safeguards crowded environments such as train stations, airports, malls, arenas, and public areas.

Detect potential threats and aggressive behavior

Quickly resolve fights in public places

Monitor crowded environments with pose estimation

This is how it works

IRIS™ Violent behavior tracks human movement with the help of state-of-the-art pose estimation. When irregular behavior such as raised arms, threatful stances, and quick movements are detected an alarm is instantly sent to the operator or guard. This enables quick actions – precious moments that can make all the difference.

IRIS™ Violent behavior

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