State-of-the-art video analytics

Irisity develops AI-based industry-leading video surveillance systems. Save costs by making your operations powered by IRIS™ technology.

IRIS™ video analytics detect and alarms when someting happens

Irisity offers the software analytics solution IRIS™ with an emphasis on improving detection quality and reducing surveillance costs. Irisity’s analytics is applicable to a wide range of security scenarios and can quickly be implemented in existing camera infrastructures. IRIS™ can detect intrusions, violence, falls, abandoned objects and flames. And it protects integrity with the help of anonymization of live stream video.

Go alarm-driven to maximize efficieny

Whether you want to safeguard a large outdoor area, an industrial property, a temporary construction site, a busy train station or even hundreds of kilometers of electric cables – We can help you detect illicit activities, prevent accidents and injuries and protect people and assets. Anywhere, anytime.

From multiple streams to one clip

As our customer you will get

A user-friendly, reliable and scalable system, the operation of which is constantly monitored.

A secure, ever-learning system that is partly cloud based and offers secure online and mobile app access.

Consistent functionality, solution and operation in all weather conditions.

An open system – hardware-independent software that can be freely integrated with alarm centers, operations centers, security guard solutions and end users.

Continuous machine learning benefits​

Irisity’s advanced algorithms autonomously learn and adapt as new data is coming in. This means that IRIS™ customers profit from Irisity’s global network of intelligent cameras, and 15 years of continuous product optimization. This is what makes our analytics so uniquely precise and powerful.

Easy to get started with

IRIS™ can be quickly integrated into any existing video surveillance infrastructure, including older analog cameras with low resolution and poor image quality. The IRIS™ analytics instantly transforms passive cameras into advanced real-time sensors, sending accurate automatic real-time alerts to the security staff.

Our most popular solutions

Irisity has been developing video analytics for more than ten years. Together with more than 100 companies. The information that has been processed by our algorithms to date and incorporated into our proprietary knowledge bank is vast. And while you read this, it grew yet another bit.



Irisity’s leading expert teams focus on developing algorithms based on deep learning and computer vision. We use these features in our specialized algorithms, which are in turn adopted for different industries. We are proud of the analytics features we have produced, including:


Motion detection icon

Intrusion defender

Detect breaches of armed zones during defined times.

Line crossing icon

Fall detection

Detect people going from standing to lying position through pose estimation.



Detect people lingering or dwelling in no-go zones and act early.

Unattended objects icon

Unattended objects

Detect unattended luggage and abandoned objects.

Track crossing icon

Rail trespassing

Detect people and objects falling on rail tracks in busy station environments.

IRIS™ Violent behavior

Violent behavior

Detect aggressive behavior and fights instantly, also in crowded environments.

Flame detection icon

Flame defender

Detect fires far away using ordinary color cameras.

Anonimization icon


Protect integrity by de-identifying people in the camera view.

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