Go alarm-driven with IRIS™

Streamline your video monitoring central using Irisity’s solutions


Detection at construction site

Alarm central optimization

We let you focus on what is important: Solving issues when they happen.

Go alarm-driven with Irisity’s IRIS platform. IRIS™ is built using Artificial Intelligence coupled with vigilant human input. 

Optimize your video surveillance

IRIS™ watches all cameras, all the time. Any surveillance camera can be turned into an intelligent sensor, triggering alarms whenever human input is needed. The system tirelessly filters through the endless amounts of data produced in video-based surveillance systems every day, letting security staff focus on real security threats when they happen.

IRIS™ supports analytics as well as alarm handling, recording, and monitoring.

From multiple streams to one clip

State-of-the-art video analytics for any security camera

Automated detections and real alarms

Instant upgrading of existing surveillance sites

Improved security quality and lowered costs

Filter existing alarm flows to reduce staff workload

Traditional camera systems generate large numbers of false alarms. Weather, wind and varying light conditions make it difficult to differentiate types of movement in a camera image. 

Our solution: Irisity offers industry-leading analytics performance based on millions of machine-learning data entries –  uniquely resilient to weather and light disturbances. On any camera, even with low image resolution.

As our customer you will receive​

The best video analytics in the industry

A user-friendly, reliable and scalable real-time alarm system

A weather-proof system resilient to disturbances from light, environment and animal activity

An open system – camera-independent software that can be freely integrated with alarm centrals, operations centers, security guard solutions and end users

A secure, ever-learning system that is partly cloud-based and offers secure online and mobile app access

Some numbers


99.9% streaming surveillance video filtered away


67% time saved in a typical operating station


43% more security assets coverage with the same number of employees

Case studies

Irisity is supporting the world’s security leader G4S. Read more about our cooperation with G4S below.

Case header - G4S Lithuania

Case study IRIS - G4S Lithuania

“The basic issue for us was that with video monitoring, our operators would always miss some events. We would have to explain to our customers how hard it is to constantly look at all these video streams without distraction. Now, we are 100% sure that we will spot all events. With IRIS™ we will see when something bad is happening.”

Mr. Marius Penikas, Security Solution Departement Director at G4S Lithuania

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