High-precision alarm-driven facility surveillance is easy

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High-precision surveillance for industrial sites

IRIS™ video analytics has been designed to solve challenges like surveillance of industrial facilities in bad weather, while offering cost-savings and an easy installation into any pre-existing security infrastructure. The IRIS™ system is compatible with most cameras and creates high-precision detections of illicit activity under the most challenging outdoor conditions – providing safety for people and assets on industrial properties.

Safeguarding property and assuring secure business operations

You will be able to quickly and automatically detect accidents, intrusions, and human activity in restricted zones, as well as violent threats and fires.

Use human resources efficiently by deploying to the right spot

Loitering detection gives early warnings and reduces vandalism

Flame detection offers real-time alerts for fires and arson

Reduced risk of accidents and injury for staff and bystanders


Irisity’s analytics solutions for industrial properties help you achieve stellar detection accuracy, discover more security threats, and alarm quicker. All using existing camera infrastructure and alarm central. Algorithms especially suitable for industrial needs include:

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Flame detection

Detect fires far away using ordinary color cameras.

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Intrusion detection

Detect breaches of armed zones during defined times.



Detect people lingering or dwelling in no-go zones and act early.

IRIS™ Violent behavior

Violent behavior

Detect aggressive behavior and fights instantly, also in crowded environments.

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Protect integrity by de-identifying people in the camera view.

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