Introducing IRIS+

For nearly a year we have been hard at work designing our next product and with it combining the expertise of Irisity and Agent Vi’s teams. Finally, the culmination of our hard work is here.

We are pleased to launch IRIS+, a celebration of growth and innovative development. IRIS+ is an AI-powered video analytics solution for video surveillance environments. A flexible offering that is available as a cloud-based SaaS or an on-premises software deployment, IRIS+ delivers real-time detection of events, forensic investigation of recorded video, and statistical data analysis for improved business intelligence.

IRIS+ further enhances the deep AI capabilities of the Irisity and Agent Vi platforms you know, rely on, and trust. With an open-architecture software platform that is compatible with any video surveillance infrastructure and scalable to a wide variety of environments, there isn’t much of a limit on the potential uses of this product. With that said, we expect it to do particularly well in transportation, smart cities, critical infrastructure, and education.

There are some pretty cool enhancements included in IRIS+ right out of the gate. A streamlined user interface eases system management and event identification while a new statistics functionality enhances reporting and trend development. Furthermore, a new planning tool empowers YOU to outline your Irisity deployment, all based on your specific needs.

With IRIS+ also comes the addition of rich contextual awareness and the delivery of precise, automated analysis to identify potential security events. It automatically identifies a wide range of events of interest as situations unfold, enhancing situational awareness and supporting informed response. Furthermore, IRIS+ uses advanced algorithms and an automated video search engine to make sense of the massive amounts of data hidden in recorded video.

Ready to Experience the Future of Video AI?
With technology changing faster than ever before, Irisity is standing out amongst the crowd with innovation to match the speed of the ever-changing world. The idea of the connected world is being shaped by demands for productivity and optimized experiences. Video analytics, are at the center of these trends and are critical to helping stakeholders secure assets, people, and infrastructures more proactively.

Want to see more of this innovative solution? Learn more about IRIS+.

Written by rhianna

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