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IRIS™ is tried and tested in a variety of conditions and environments all over the world. 15+ years of continuous machine learning and advanced computer vision development are the base for exceptional quality and precision in video analytics. But dont take our word for it! Check out these stories with real customer experiences, where IRIS™ made a difference for the better.

Kurzemes Philharmonia

Kurzemes Philharmonia

Kurzemes Philharmonia experienced many cases of vandalism and intrusions. Due to its high value assets a reliable security solution was needed. The site was initially guarded by patrolling guards but in a motion to digitalize and increase alarm accuracy a new solution was introduced – IRIS™.

School Guard – the Irisity / MOBOTIX Success Story

School Guard – the Irisity / MOBOTIX Success Story

Customer stories Camera manufacturer MOBOTIX and Irisity work closely together in a successful partnership to safeguard schools in Sweden. Today the city of Gothenburg safeguard 65 schools outdoors and 17 schools indoors through Irisitys product School Guard and CCTV....

G4S Lithuania

G4S Lithuania

World-leading security company implementing AI video analytics to transform operations. G4S is the world’s leading global, integrated security company. The company offers a broad range of security services delivered on a single, multi-service or integrated basis across six continents. The Group’s technology-related …

”During the first three years of operation alone we saved over 1 million euro solely from less graffiti, fewer window breakages and lower insurance premiums.”


”Since installing intelligent camera surveillance we have experienced an excellent effect against intrusion, vandalism and theft. We assess that these have been reduced by 80%.”

Fortum Distribution


”The solution has worked splendidly. Our only regret is that we should have had the system from the start – everyone should have it!”

NCC Ekkällan

”Irisity’s area surveillance has helped us to minimize theft in record time.”

Mölndal Recycling

“The beauty of this solution really is that we can integrate existing systems with new video solutions. We can use security systems sold 5, 6 or 7 years ago and add IRIS™ as a top layer. This gives us opportunities to create new and improved services for our customers.”


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