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Skanska Malmö Live

Dynamic construction area and high-value assets called for state-of-the-art surveillance solution

World-leading €14,5 B construction company Skanska and the Danish architects Schmidt Hammer Kassen were appointed by the City of Malmö. The project objective: to combine meetings, congresses, concerts, and a hotel – all in on one site. Completed, Malmö Live reaches an astounding height of 85 meters and is visible from all of Malmö, the Øresund Bridge, and parts of Copenhagen. The project was Malmö’s at the time largest construction site.

“It feels safe to know that Irisity’s system sends an alarm directly if something is not as it should. It is also great to get rid of the false alarms.”

Erik Abäck

Production manager, Skanska


Erik Abäck, Production Manager at Malmö Live comments: “This high profile project needs to be protected because it is the largest building project in Malmö, with over 500 workers in the city center. We want to make sure that only our people are within the premises.” He further explains: “There is a lot of valuable building material that needs protection and the site is changing all the time. This puts a lot of pressure on the system. Erik appreciates that the system detects unwanted activity live and that an operator can rapidly proceed with the most suitable measure in real time.


Erik describes the collaboration with Irisity as good. “Quality is crucial in all that we do. That is why testimonials from earlier projects are important for us. It really shows that Irisity cares.”


”CONSTRUCTION GUARD saves us money. Measures are taken directly when the intrusion has barely started and before the damage is done. We do not need to spend costly hours with investigations and production stops, and we dramatically lower the cost compared to guards on patrol.”
Malmö Live Construction Site
  • Large area of approx. 10 000 sqm
  • Complex and dynamic construction site
  • High-value machines and assets on-site
  • No production stops allowed, due to high costs

CONSTRUCTION GUARD – flexible camera surveillance connected to Irisity’s unique alarm center network.


  • Easy to adjust alarm time and zones at dynamic construction sites
  • Intrusion detection – Detect break-ins at the site in real-time
  • Loitering detection – Act early before the breakin even occurs
  • High quality cameras with intelligent AI software monitor large outdoor areas even in bad weather and low light conditions
Customer value
  • 42 break-in attempts detected and stopped
  • Full cover surveillance of large areas with only a few cameras
  • No stops in production or thefts occurred

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