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Kurzemes Philharmonia

Digitalizing surveillance operations to decrease costs and increase alarm accuracy

Kurzemes Philharmonia is a concert facility in Ventsplis city in Latvia. It is a well-respected site in need of high performing surveillance solutions due to its high-value concert equipment. Since the site had experienced problems with vandalism, graffiti and breakins G4S Latvia was hired to protect the building. In a collaboration between G4S and Irisity it was decided that all cameras on site were to be upgraded with IRIS™ analytics. This allowed the security company to drastically reduce manned guards on site and only act on real intrusions.


Vandalism and intrusions

The Philharmonia is an important site for the city of Ventsplis. It is well respected and classifies as a high-profile building. The site has however experienced many cases of vandalism, spray painting, broken windows and intrusions. Due to its high value assets a reliable security solution was needed. The site was initially guarded by patrolling guards but in a motion to digitalize and increase alarm accuracy a new solution was introduced – IRIS™.

New functionality with long distance guarding

Aleksandrs Šnevels, technology director at G4S Latvia comments; ”I really appreciate the collaboration with Irisity as they provide good service and high quality products. Adopting IRIS™ into our own system has worked out really well. It is easy to use and works perfectly with most camera models. The ability to cover longer distances and being able to use such a big selection of cameras to integrate with is very important to both the customers and to us.”

Perimeter protection capturing a potential threat entering a protected zone.

On-site guarding reduced by 50%

By implementing IRIS™ to the Kurzemes Philharmonia site G4S Latvia has been able to reduce costs and improve their margins. The system has not entailed any extra charge for the end-customer on this instance, but has instead enabled the security company to reduce their on-site manned guarding by 50%. No new hardware was needed and therefore no high installation or camera equipment costs were imposed either.

“Adopting IRIS™ into our own system has worked really well. It is easy to use and works perfectly with most camera models!”

Aleksandrs Šnevels

Technology Director, G4S Latvia

Teātra Nams "Jūras Vārti"

“Adopting IRIS™ into our own system has worked really well. It is easy to use and works perfectly with most camera models!”

Aleksandrs Šnevels

Technology Director, G4S Latvia

  • High-profile building
  • Vandalism and break-ins
  • High-value assets on site


  • Cameras covering critical areas and entrances upgraded with IRIS™

  • Real-time intrusion detection

  • Connected to G4S Latvia

Customer value
  • Reduced costs due to no manned guards on site
  • Stopped intrusions and vandalism
  • Fewer cameras needed for protection of a larger territory

This site is guarded by G4S Latvia.


G4S and Irisity

G4S is the leading global security service provider with operations in more than hundred countries worldwide. G4S execute on a digital strategy combining the best security professionals with cutting-edge technology and data analytics.

G4S has enhanced the precision of its security monitoring services by adopting Irisity’s video analytics tool IRIS™. Irisity works together with G4S as Tier 1 technology partner.

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