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Irisity launches Irisity Edge for Axis

Irisity Edge for Axis is a solution that combines best-in-class video analytics with market-leading surveillance cameras to provide customers with a comprehensive and intelligent video security solution.

The solution runs Irisity’s AI algorithms for perimeter security embedded in the Axis camera without requiring extra hardware. Irisity Edge for Axis combines Irisity’s industry-leading video analytics, based on deep learning AI models and machine learning, as well as Axis Camera Applications Platform (ACAP) video devices into a single solution.

Irisity Edge for Axis makes it possible to connect Axis ARTPEC-7 and ARTPEC-8 cameras directly to the Irisity IRIS+ Cloud. Flexible administration and management is done centrally through the web-based portal, combining server-based, edge-based, and cloud-based analytics in one system with IRIS+.

“It’s fantastic to see Irisity utilizing Axis Camera Application Platform (ACAP) to bring their solution to the edge. We know there is a strong customer demand for this based on the efficiency of the architecture and
associated cost savings” says Jamie Donald, Program Director Technology Partners at Axis Communications.

Both small and large installations benefit from the solution. Small sites only require on-site cameras with no extra hardware, which minimizes costs. Large sites experience a greatly simplified network and server infrastructure. Since the analytic computations are distributed across hundreds of cameras, bandwidth is kept to a minimum while expensive servers might not be needed.