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Launching Irisity Edge 10

Irisity Edge 10 

Irisity’s latest Edge device- Edge 10, replaces innoVi Edge 320/325.  

Irisity Edge 10 is the simplest way to get started with advanced video analytics that can easily scale to thousands of channels. Irisity Edge 10 is available for both IRIS+ and innoVi customers.   

Regardless of one’s security needs, Irisity Edge 10 can cater to them, detecting everything from intrusions and breaches to abandoned objects and flames 24/7, year round.    

Irisity Edge 10 Benefits

  • Simple appliance – plug and play.   
  • Can process video from any surveillance camera regardless of make and model. (Ex. Axis, Mobotix, Hanwha, and Bosch).  
  • Can process 10-15 video streams in real time for most installations.   
  • Its cost-effective architecture allows multiple Edge devices that are deployed at different physical locations to be linked to the same Core, resulting in a simple deployment with minimal bandwidth requirements.  
  • Works with both cloud-hosted solutions as well as custom on- premise deployments.  

Easy Architecture – Flexible Offering 

Irisity’s video analytics systems are structured for large scale.  

When starting with just a number of cameras, one could easily scale up to hundreds of thousands of cameras, all through the same system.  

Irisity’s cloud solution is designed to allow countless cameras to be connected to one high-secured software, where the primary video analytics are handled on the Edge, while centralized functionalities are then analyzed in the Core, on-premise, or cloud-hosted by Irisity.   

Different Edge Offerings

  • Irisity Edge 10is a highly flexible appliance-based video analytics solution that simplifies deployment through a plug-and-play appliance-based approach. 
  • Custom Edge allows you to run Irisity Edge analytics on your custom hardware, without influencing the video analytics capabilities and offerings.  
  • Virtual Edge/Cloud Edgeruns the video analytics workload virtualized in the same cluster as the Core, either in Irisity’s cloud solution or your Core cluster. Choose Irisity’s cloud analytics to eliminate the need for extra on site hardware. 
  • Axis Edge is a special Edge version that runs inside Axis ARTPEC-7 and ARTPEC-8 cameras as an ACAP application, connecting to the Irisity Cloud. It is intended for perimeter security applications and runs a slightly different analytics pipeline due to the limited hardware available.