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Second generation IRIS Core released for Mobotix 7 series

Support of both optical and thermal cameras and offers more accurate detection


Today, Irisity released the second generation of the IRIS Core embedded analytics for Mobotix 7 series cameras. Notable improvements include support for thermal cameras and video-based tampering detection.

IRIS™ Core app for Mobotix 7 Series is intended as a complete package for typical security scenarios, outdoors and indoors. The main algorithm today is Intrusion detection, combined with a powerful video-based tampering detection.

The algorithms support both optical and thermal cameras and offer accurate detections of human activity at long distances, across vast areas. The app is available embedded for MOBOTIX 7 series cameras, and can also run stand-alone on a standard Windows PC, on-premises, or cloud-based.

Due to advanced machine learning trained for 15+ years the algorithm generates highly accurate events keeping false alarms to an absolute minimum. IRIS™ Intrusion works just as well during bad weather conditions and under bad lighting. It works equally well with thermal and optical cameras, color and grayscale, old analog and modern digital cameras. Detections of human presence also include vehicles such as bikes, cars, and trucks.

The relevant Mobotix app release can be found at MX Certified Apps | Release 2022-06-02 | MOBOTIX AG