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IRIS™ – the most exact activity spotter in the security industry

Irisity’s IRIS™ analytics is applicable to a wide range of security scenarios and can quickly be implemented in to any existing camera infrastructure. IRIS™ can detect intrusions, violence, falls, abandoned objects and flames. And it protects integrity with the help of anonymization of live stream video.


Get started today! It is super easy:


Select any new or existing camera on your site to get started


Connect it to the IRIS™ software by getting in touch with us


Start receiving instant alarms when something happens!

From multiple streams to one clip

Go alarm-driven to maximize efficiency

A major problem with video surveillance is data overload. IRIS™ analyses and filters video data and sends alarms only when a detection is made. Thousands of hours of video is brought down to minutes. This drastically improves efficiency and working environment in surveillance operations.

No long contracts or expensive hardware investments needed

We sell security as a service. That means that you just pay for the licenses you use, and pay on a monthly basis. No binding time. No hidden costs. No big investment needed. With IRIS™ you don’t have to buy new hardware, you always have the latest updates and can scale up or down as needed. Lower risk, higher gain!

System view on different devices


99.9% streaming surveillance video filtered away


67% time saved in a typical operating station


43% more security assets coverage with the same number of employees

Detect intrusions that are impossible for the human eye

No false alarms for animals, vegetation or disturbances

Full attention 24 hours of the day

Detect violence, falls, loitering and flames

Highly accurate on really long distance

Call unwanted behavior to attention immediately

Just as functional during bad weather and with low lighting

No need for fancy equipment or high pixelrate

Quick and easy to understand, install and get started!

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Why AI video analytics?

You could say that installing IRIS™ is like hiring your most efficient employee ever. IRIS™ analyzes every camera image, with 100% attention, looking for intruders, fires, suspicious objects, violence and falls. It never loses focus and never gets tired. AI does not have any preferences, cannot comprehend racism or discrimination and does not make decisions based on gender, clothing, or any other personal opinion. 

So how does it work?

Every frame in a video stream gets analyzed with high precision to detect illicit activity within defined zones. IRIS™ performs a pixel analysis and object classification to determine if a movement refers to a human, animal, vegetation or object. When something happens an alarm is sent to ensure direct action, such as turning on a siren, activating a flood light, notifying a guard or calling the police. 

IRIS™ Alarm zones

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