IRIS™ AI Alarm Filtering

IRIS™ Technology / AI Alarm Filtering

Exclude 99% of false alarms

Traditional surveillance systems often generate a large number of false alarms for vegetation, animals, bad weather or light changes. IRIS™ AI Alarm Filtering acts as a virtual operator that filters out false alarms from third-party systems.

Let security operators focus on real events only

Minimize false alarms from low-performing analytics

Easy to implement to any existing camera system

This is how it works

IRIS™ AI Alarm Filtering uses object classification to analyze video or picture-based alarms. It highlights human activity and filters out false alarms from vegetation, animals, bad weather, and light changes. The system is a good alternative for those who might not have the availability to switch analytics programs but are sick of large quantities of false alarms every month.

IRIS™ AI alarm filtering

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