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IRIS+ is an AI-powered video analytics solution that combines the rich capabilities of Agent Vi’s innoVi and Irisity’s Iris into one powerful analytics platform.

IRIS+ delivers leading performance in a platform that supports customization and industry-specific vertical offerings. It enhances the already rich AI capabilities of both platforms with broad object classification for the highest accuracy levels in the most challenging environments.

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Intelligence to solve evolving security needs

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IRIS+ enhances the already deep AI capabilities of the Irisity and Agent Vi technologies, adding contextual awareness and delivering precise, automated analysis that identifies potential security events. It automatically identifies a wide range of events of interest as situations unfold, enhancing situational awareness and supporting informed response. Furthermore, Iris+ uses advanced algorithms and an automated video search engine to make sense of the massive amounts of data hidden in recorded video.

IRIS™ AI alarm filtering

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Rail & Transportation

IRIS+ is Here

For nearly a year we have been hard at work designing our next product and with it combining the expertise of Irisity and Agent Vi’s teams. Finally, the culmination of our hard work is here.

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IRIS™ Intrusion detection

Advanced detection

Turn any video surveillance camera into an intelligent sensor that automates monitoring. Intrusion detection minimizes false alarms, improves operations, and detects trespassers with any type of camera.

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IRIS™ video analytics

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IRIS+ is available as a cloud-based SaaS or an on-premises software deployment. It delivers real-time detection of events, forensic investigation of recorded video, and statistical data analysis for improved business intelligence. 

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