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Embedded version of IRIS integrated into MOBOTIX cameras

Irisity and MOBOTIX take video analytics to a new level with their combination of high-performance cameras and Artificial Intelligence

Irisity AB (publ) has developed an embedded version of IRIS now integrated into the latest generation of MOBOTIX cameras via the open MOBOTIX 7 platform, enabling state-of-the-art video analytics directly in the intelligent camera systems.

The powerful combination of deep learning-based analytics from Irisity and high-performing cameras from MOBOTIX is now offered to customers globally. These intelligent cameras autonomously protect assets and people from unwanted activities such as intrusion, theft, vandalization, violence, and falling persons. IRIS analyzes pixel patterns directly in the camera, alarming with high precision down to twenty pixels only. Since no other data than true alarms are leaving the camera, this solution is optimal for data security, personal privacy, and legal compliance.

AI-analytics are also available as cloud- or server-based features, making it usable for the many MOBOTIX cameras installed before the new 7-series camera generation. This means that every MOBOTIX customer worldwide can benefit from the improved security provided by AI-based analytics.

“Our mission statement to go “Beyond Human Vision” is the heart of a philosophy that recognizes that video surveillance is part of a wider potential with MOBOTIX as a foundational platform for innovative solutions. Therefore, we are happy to announce this new powerful combination of advanced analytics and our powerful MOBOTIX 7 cameras”, comments Thomas Lausten, CEO of MOBOTIX.

The new comprehensive potential of new analysis possibilities will be addressed jointly between Irisity and MOBOTIX to existing and new MOBOTIX and Irisity customers, within several industry segments globally.

“MOBOTIX has a truly global footprint with high-quality cameras and strong ecosystems network. Their camera platform powered by an AI-accelerator FPGA chip is perfect for our embedded solutions. We look forward to market this powerful combined product together with MOBOTIX”, comments Marcus Bäcklund, CEO of Irisity.

MOBOTIX is a pioneering global company that is developing innovative video surveillance solutions based on the German way of engineering with precision and high quality. MOBOTIX 7 cameras are working intelligently with embedded AI capacities and stand for the best cyber security, which is confirmed worldwide by certificates from renowned institutes.

“It is no coincidence that the MOBOTIX claim “Beyond Human Vision” is quite similar to the Irisity motto “Security Beyond Human Intelligence.” Both companies stand for the pioneering solutions to advance the people,” Lausten and Bäcklund agree. “This will strengthen our cooperation, which we will continue to intensify.”

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