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Immix and Irisity enters into new partnership

Irisity enters into a partnership with global alarm flow integrator Immix

Irisity AB (publ) and Immix have entered into a partnership enabling new and existing Immix customers to benefit from Irisity’s industry-leading AI analytics. 

Traditional video analytics and sensor-driven cameras typically create a lot of false alarms due to light changes, vegetation, animals, debris, and other visual disturbances. Torrents of low-quality alarms are sent to alarm monitoring centrals for operator verification. This high rate of false alarms drives costs and increases the probability of human error and missed true alerts.

To significantly improve the alarm flow, IRIS™ analytics acts as a virtual “AI operator” with unlimited attention, tirelessly analyzing thousands of alarm flows, filtering out only the important alarms. By combining IRIS/Immix, customers will save money and increase safety for both people and assets.

“We’re very happy to join forces with Immix, providing the most efficient video alarm monitoring solution on the market. By combining Irisity’s market-leading AI-based analytics with Immix’s excellent alarm receiving platform, we offer a strong solution to the market”, comments Victor Hagelbäck, VP Product at Irisity.

Immix is a global provider of software that improves the ability of commercial central stations and monitoring centers to manage and respond to security events. Immix currently integrates with over 500 of the top security products and systems in the market.

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