Long-range detection with MOBOTIX and Irisity

Solar parks, power lines, pipelines, and country borders in remote areas require highly robust and reliable surveillance solutions. Tremendous costs can be caused by both camera failures or low-functioning analytics with high amounts of false alarms. By combining the MOBOTIX cameras with the IRIS intelligence reliable alarms are triggered even in bad weather conditions and on huge distances – up to 1km!

In this webinar, Samuel Rahn from MOBOTIX talks to Liv Cichon from Irisity about AI video solutions for energy and critical infrastructure sites. They discuss a few use cases and show several example clips of the analytics in action.

Mobotix Irisity webinar school

Webinar: The MOBOTIX – Irisity success story

Listen in on a conversation between Anders Kjellberg from Mobotix and Irisitys Christian Johansson about the IRIS™ School Guard collaboration. A detailed look in to how the two companies work together to deliver a high-end solution.

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Stockholm Metro

Customer story: Solar park in Southern Europe

Theft, vandalism, and personal safety in focus for this Mediterranian energy provider. Parque Seixal is a vast solar park in southern Europe, built in 2014. It has a total area of 45.000 square meters with 9.000 solar panels installed.

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Video analytics for energy and critical infrastructure

More about our solutions for energy & infrastructure sites

Providing security to energy stations, bridges, solar and wind parks, pipe lines and country borders are not always an easy task. Harsh outdoor environments, remote areas and disturbances from wildlife and nature provide many challenges.

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