Protect vast areas with the highest precision video analytics

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IRIS™ video analytics has been designed to solve challenges like surveillance of critical infrastructure in bad weather, while offering cost-savings and an easy installation into any pre-existing security infrastructure.

The IRIS™ system is compatible with most cameras and creates high-precision detections of illicit activity under the most challenging outdoor conditions – providing safety for people and assets on critical properties, and avoiding service outages and high costs caused through security incidents.

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Irisity’s analytics software can improve surveillance of critical infrastructure such as pipelines, powerlines, or country borders at a reduced cost. Using our solutions in existing camera installations will increase the ability to automatically detect unwanted activity. The software works in all weather conditions and on distances of up to one kilometer per camera.

As our customer you will get

Act in real time on trespassing and suspicious activity

Loitering detection gives early warnings and reduces vandalism

Long-distance detections reduce the number of cameras needed

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Irisity’s analytics is composed of a wide set of advanced algorithms, designed to safeguard objects and people in critical infrastructures. The system automatically identifies potential security threats and sends real-time alerts to the security staff, for a rapid resolution. Algorithms especially suitable for your needs include:


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Intrusion defender

Detect breaches of armed zones during defined times.



Detect people lingering or dwelling in no-go zones and act early.

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Flame defender

Detect fires far away using ordinary color cameras.

IRIS™ Violent behavior

Violent behavior

Detect aggressive behavior and fights instantly, also in crowded environments.

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Protect integrity by de-identifying people in the camera view.

Case studies

Irisity is delivering security to critical infrastructures worldwide. Hear from our customers:

Case header - Fortum

Fortum Distribution

”Since we installed the intelligent surveillance system, we have experienced a great impact on intrusion, damage, and theft. Our estimate is that the expenses have been cut by 80%.”

Kåre Falkevik, Station Engineer at Fortum Distribution

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Case header - Öresund Bridge

Öresund Bridge

”It feels good to make the protection stronger with intelligent camera surveillance and save 70% of the operating costs – all at the same time.”

Jopas Wulff, Director of Traffic Management at The Øresund Bridge Consortium

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