RAIL AND transportation

Safeguard stations, tracks and transportation using AI

Offload and support your security staff with automatic alarm handling.

Rail security on screen

Ensure safety

IRIS™ video analytics allows for a real-time incident prevention approach, enabling transportation providers and security operators to quickly respond to safety threats and guarantee the safety of assets and people.

Compatible with any existing camera

You will be able to quickly and automatically detect accidents, intrusions, and human activity on tracks, as well as violent threats and fires. All using existing camera infrastructure and alarm centrals.

Safeguard subways, rail, tracks, and platforms

IRIS™ Rail Defender triggers video alarms in real-time when anything or anyone enters no-go zones, tracks, tunnels, or service areas.
Prevent accidents, illicit activity, terrorism, and dropped objects that all compromise the security of passengers, staff, and vehicles within transportation infrastructures

Reduce accidents and injuries

Deter break-ins and intrusion in prohibited zones

Prevent vandalism and damage on vehicles and infrastructure

Avoid attacks on staff and passengers

Stop arson and accidental fires

Improved security along rail tracks

Automatically monitor hundreds of kilometers of rail infrastructures in real-time and receive alerts for human activity on tracks

Increase security and assure high-quality detections with real-time alarm sending

Detect violent behavior and find left objects automatically

Compatible with pre-existing cameras

Supports all common camera types and brands

A single camera can be used for intrusion detection, loitering detection, recording, and more

Protect the integrity of passengers using optional real-time anonymization


Our unique set of intelligent algorithms identifies potential security threats in a variety of transportation scenarios. Whether you want to safeguard a busy subway station, the perimeters around a bus terminal, critical security zones on an airport or many hundred kilometres of rail infrastructure – IRIS™ video analytics offers the highest precision issue detections and a cost-efficient real-time resolution. Irisity’s analytics solutions for rail transportation help you see farther than anyone else, discover more security threats, and alarm quicker. Algorithms especially suitable for your needs include:

Track crossing icon

Track and platform

Detect people and objects falling on rail tracks in busy station environments.

Motion detection icon

Intrusion detection

Detect breaches of armed zones during defined times.



Detect people lingering or dwelling in no-go zones and act early.

Flame detection icon

Flame defender

Detect fires far away using ordinary color cameras.

IRIS™ Violent behavior

Violent behavior

Detect aggressive behavior and fights instantly, also in crowded environments.

Anonimization icon


Protect integrity by de-identifying people in the camera view.

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