Protect roads, railways, and airports with IRIS+

AI technology for all of your transportation needs

  • Detect security threats with real-time notifications
  • Maintain operational flow with enhanced safety
  • Extract statistical data for improved efficiency
  • Investigate security breaches with forensic search

Enhance safety & security by heightening situational awareness – detecting traffic violations and getting instant notifications on rail trespassing. IRIS+ provides a wide range of security applications, from detection of unattended objects, anomalous behavior crowding, fire, and blocked emergency exits – to traffic jams, stopped vehicles, and road management statistics.

Our software has been specifically developed for the challenging environments of metro stations – to save lives and prevent suicides. IRIS+ sends notifications in real-time for trespassing in no-go zones, prolonged stay at platforms, and deviant behavior of travelers, without issuing alarms when trains are entering or leaving the platform.

Irisity developed two features specifically for transportation environments, Rail Trespassing and Unattended Objects.

Rail trespassing instantly triggers alarms if a person or object enters the track area, but does not issue alarms for normal train activity or passengers entering or exiting. The algorithm will work equally well in a crowded rush-hour city platform as on a countryside railway station.

AI alarm zones camera school
AI alarm zones camera school

With Unattended Objects detect misplaced luggage in airports and train stations and draw attention to potential terror threats. IRIS™ Unattended objects might also be used for logistics or industrial settings to draw attention to forgotten packages or misplaced parcels.

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